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OnAir FAQs

What will it cost me for the deal? Do I pay anything extra?

You will continue paying for your DStv subscription and services directly.
OnAir TV will debit you separately for your monthly fee over 24 months (based on the deal) for the hardware and installation with OnAir TV.

What are the Explora and WiFi Connector warranties?

The hardware has a 12-month warranty and labour for installation has a 3 month warranty.

What is the validity of the Installation Support?

The Installation Support is valid for 12 months after delivery.

Can any installer do the installation? Can I use my own installer?

No, it has to be a Multichoice Accredited installer, affiliated with OnAir TV. To get a list of all installers who accept the OnAir TV Installation Support please click here.

Can I settle my account once activated?

Yes. You need to send a request to settlement@onairtv.co.za and you should receive a settlement letter within 24 hours.

When will my arrears be removed?

Arrears will only be removed once a proof of payment has been received and allocated. Please send proof of payment to support@onairtv.co.za

When can I cancel an order?

You have 7 days to cancel the order. If the decoder was not opened or activated an administration fee of R150 will be charged for the cost of collecting the unopened decoder. Where the decoder is returned after it has been opened, a total collection and cancellation fee of R350 will apply and where the decoder was installed or activated you will be liable for all premiums still owing on the duration of your contract. These payments will be required to initiate the cancellation and returns process.

What happens if my decoder is faulty?

Option 1: Within 60 days of taking delivery, OnAir TV will arrange for the faulty decoder to be replaced. Please contact 0861 333 535 and choose option 2. Option 2: After 60 days of taking delivery please return the faulty decoder to your nearest Multichoice Service Centre. To find your closest Multichoice Service Centre please contact Multichoice on 011 289 2222 or visit www.dstv.com

Are these deals available for anybody?

No. These deals are only available to DStv subscribers who pass OnAir TV credit vetting criteria.